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I started drawing maps right after I started reading about history. My earliest maps were crude hand-drawings, but now I've got a good computer, a great image program (PhotoShop), and a nice background map.

     I quickly became frustrated while researching history because it's hard to find great maps.  The best maps are in books that cost more than I make in a week!  There are some good ones online but they only show small regions or certain periods.  As a "big picture" kind of guy, I wanted to know what the rest of the world looked like.  So I realized if I want free "World History Maps" I'd have to make them myself...

    Just scroll down (or click here) for the most complete list of maps I've designed. They are used in dozens of Wikipedia history articles, and several history sites either link to them or use them directly (with permission!) 

    I update the maps as often as possible (when better or more accurate information becomes available).  My information references are listed in my Sources section.



     I appreciate "open resources" like websites, freeware programs, open-source software, and community projects. They provide greatly needed resources that are often too expensive on my limited budget. Even more important, they encourage people to work together for the common good instead of competing for profit. Out of respect to resources that have helped me over the years, I'm returning the favor the only way I can - by sharing my own work & knowledge! 

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45 Historical Maps

of the Eastern Hemisphere:

by Thomas A. Lessman


* Linked maps open in a new window. 
Unlinked maps are not complete or are
otherwise unavailable. Sources are listed
on my TAL_Sources page.


Prehistoric Maps
(Early Humans to 3000 BC)

No Prehistoric maps currently finished.



Primeval History Maps

(3000 BC to 601 BC)

4 Primeval maps currently finished.


* 3000 BC     * 2400 BC     * 2200 BC

* 2000 BC     * 1900 BC     * 1800 BC    
* 1700 BC
     * 1600 BC     * 1500 BC
* 1400 BC
     * 1300 BC     * 1200 BC    
* 1100 BC
     * 1000 BC     * 900 BC

* 700 BC     * 650 BC     * 625 BC

Hittite Empire in 1300 BC


Ancient History Maps
(600 BC to 499 AD)

27 Ancient maps currently finished:

Ancient East Hemisphere Maps

* 600 BC     * 550 BC   * 549 BC
* 540 BC     * 527 BC
* 500 BC    * 400 BC    * 350 BC
* 335 BC     * 323 BC   * 300 BC

* 250 BC     * 220 BC    * 200 BC
* 150 BC   * 100 BC   * 050 BC
* 001 AD  * 050 AD  * 100 AD
* 150 AD    * 200 AD   * 250 AD 
* 270 AD    * 300 AD    * 350 AD
* 400 AD    * 420 AD    * 450 AD
* 475 AD   * 476 AD   * 477 AD
* 480 AD    * 486 AD    

Specialized Ancient Maps

* Achaemenid Empire in 500 BC
* Alexander's Empire in 323 BC
* Nan-Yue (Nam Viet) in 200 BC

* Ptolemaic Empire in 200 BC

* Rome Seleucia Parthia 200 BC
Bactrians & Indo-Greeks in 150 BC
* Indo-Greeks in 100 BC
* Parthian Empire in 001 AD
* Kushan Empire in 100 AD

* Attila's Hun Empire in 450 AD.

* The Roman Empire
in 475, 476, & 565 AD

Odoacer's Kingdom in 480 AD
* Yueban Kingdom in 480 AD


Medieval History Maps

(500 AD to 1500 AD)

13 Medieval maps currently finished.


East Hemisphere Maps

* 500 AD     * 510 AD     * 525 AD
* 535 AD      * 550 AD     * 565 AD    
* 600 AD     * 610 AD      * 700 AD    
* 750 AD     * 800 AD     * 850 AD
* 900 AD     * 950 AD     * 1000 AD    
* 1025 AD      * 1050 AD     * 1100 AD    
* 1150 AD     * 1200 AD      * 1250 AD    
* 1300 AD     * 1350 AD     * 1400 AD

Specialized Medieval Maps

* Hephthalite Empires in 500 AD
* Kushano-Hephthalites in 600 AD
* Persian Sassanid Dynasty in 600 AD
* Sindh (Chachas) in 700 AD
* Tibet in 700 and 800 AD
* Saffarid Dynasty in 900 AD

Modern History Maps

(1500 AD to Present)

1 Modern map currently finished.

* 1500 AD    


About the Maps:༯span>

     I designed these maps using Adobe PhotoShop, and this background map that I pieced together from this topographical map.  I have a copy of each map in its original PSDযrmat which allows me to make improvements and update them if necessary. The maps on this site are optimized for web viewing, each map is saved as a JPG image with 72-bit resolution.

Map License Agreement

Creative Commons License

Talessman's Atlas of World History, is owned by and copyright to Thomas Lessman. All content herein is licensed as CC-by-nc-nd-3.0 US. License. (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives-3.0).

    I believe in sharing my work, but not giving it away! These maps are not "free" for you to do whatever you feel like. Instead they should be considered "shareware" that you may use only if you follow certain rules: 

1. Foremost, you must have my permission to use the maps, which you can get by emailing me

2. You must leave the maps as-is (unless you have my permission to edit them). You can request permission by sending me an email at talessman@worldhistorymaps.info .

3. You must attribute the maps to Thomas Lessman, and note that they are available for free at www.WorldHistoryMaps.info.


TAL Map Sources:

*šch map takes a LOT of research using many different sources of information, which I've listed in my <TAL_Sources> section.

ࠦnbsp;    Disclaimer: These maps are only as accurate as the information that is available to me!ࠋeep in mind that sources are often incomplete or conflict with other sources.ࠉ do the best I can with what I have!


Help Wanted!


ࠠࠉ appreciate any information that helps improve these maps.ࠉf you see any possible errors, pleaseࠨEmail Me) with sources to back up your claim.࠼u>Important: I cannot make changes unless they are based on solid information!


ࠠࠁll of my web maps are 72 bit resolution for easier web viewing. If you are interested in helping make corrections, here is the blank map (without borders or names) that I use. Copy that map, use a program like PhotoShop, GIMP, Paint.net, or Paint Shop Pro to edit the map and show your corrections, then Email Me the map. I will make corrections as soon as possible.



Primary Sources

1. Regnal Chronologies by Bruce Gordon,


2. Euratlas Maps of European History,


3. World History Maps by John Nelson


4. Maps of South Asia, Columbia University
Maps of South Asia (India & Iran)

5. DK Atlas of World History, 2000 edition.

6.FSmitha Macrohistory and World Report


7. History &ïmmercial Atlas of China


8. Friesian School of Philosophical History, http://www.friesian.com/histindx.htm

9. Historical Map Resources at Texas Universit. http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/index.html

10. Early British Kingdoms

11. Wikimedia maps of World History


12. Various Wikipedia articles.

* See the TAL_Sources section for a more detailed list of sources used for each map!

ࠠࠅventually I plan to write a book called Talessman's Atlas of World History., which will include hundreds of maps showing world history and World History Maps that show the borders of civilizations and locations of tribes, from prehistoric times to the present, approximately every 50 to 100 years.ࠠ༯span>

ࠠࠁs you can imagine this is an enormous project!ࠉt takes a LOT of research to find information for the borders - and sources are often difficult to find, incomplete, or conflict with other sources. I try to keep a detailed list of my source references on my TAL_Sources page. Completed maps are uploaded here to my site, and most are also re-uploaded to Wikipedia for use in various history articles. When I update a map I have to upload the corrected version to this site and Wikipedia, update the list of sources, etc.

ࠠࠐlease feel free to browse my site using the links on the left side of this page. My world history maps are located below, along with information about them. If you are interested in helping finish any of these maps (or if you have information to help make them more accurate), please Email Me.༯p>

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