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Iⶥ been drawing maps for years.࠼/span>Early drafts of some maps were completed in 2001; unfortunately the early background map was poor quality and those maps werenⴠsatisfactory.࠼/span>I finally found a good map background to use in early 2007.࠼/span>The new background was basically in several pieces that I had to fit together to create <the background map>.


The first new map draft was completed quickly afterwards (East-Hem_477ad_6-06-07.jpg, in June 2007 ).࠼/span>I finished several maps within a few months, but I didnⴠdocument my early sources and I had gained several new sources.͊Thus I began to update the maps with new information.


Each map has several earlier drafts.࠼/span>I wanted to make map updates page so readers can see how much research and work has been put into project, and also to show what corrections have been made and what still needs to be corrected.࠼/span>It would take me a LONG time to go back and try to remember all of the updates to each map.࠼/span>So I decided instead to start listing my updates starting on 7-29-2008.




     Uploaded new map of East-Hem_650bc.jpg, and uploaded new specialized maps of the Persian Achaemenid Empire in 500 BC (including a large and a small version).



     Updated the maps of East-Hem_500bc.jpg, East-Hem_527bc.jpg, and East-Hem_550bc.jpg, East-Hem_600bc.jpg, and East-Hem_550bc.jpg Also uploaded new maps of East-Hem_549bc.jpg and East-Hem_540bc.jpg.  



     Updated the maps of East-Hem_300bc.jpg, East-Hem_323bc.jpg, and East-Hem_350bc.jpg., 



     Updated the map of the East-Hem_300bc.jpg



     Updated the map of the East-Hem_200bc.jpg. I've been pretty busy over the last few months, coordinating my 3rd local music festival at Truckhenge. I'm technically on summer vacation right now and hope to have more work completed on certain other maps within the next few months.



     Updated the map of the East-Hem_100bc.jpg.  Also added new map, East-Hem_150bc.jpg.



     Updated maps of the East Hem in 050 AD, 001 AD, and 050 BC.  Also more work to the History of Central Asia page.



     I probably spent too much time over the last few weeks updating the maps from 001 to 300 AD, but I think it was worth it! Those maps now show more consistency and they are easier to read and understand. Also updated the page on the History of Central Asia (still experimenting with that page).



     Updated map of the East-Hem_400ad.jpg to include more accurate info for India and Central Asia.



     Made corrections to map East-Hem_300ad.jpg including more accurate info for India and Central Asia.  Also added more sources to the list of sources for East-Hem_300ad.jpg.



     Made corrections to maps of East-Hem 480 AD, 486 AD, and 500 AD to replace Liu Song Dynasty with the Southern Qi Dynasty. Also edited maps of Hephthalites in 500 AD and Yueban in 480 AD to show Southern Qi Dynasty.



     Completed and uploaded map of East Hemisphere in 450 AD.  Now I have 40 complete maps of the East Hemisphere, with plenty more on the way!



     Over the last week:  1) Added new sections for timelines, history, and alternate history (links will be available when the sections are presentable!).  2) Began adding sources for the 450 AD map that I'm currently working on.  3) Started to add a forum to allow readers an easier way to discuss the maps and share possible corrections, etc.



     Many major changes over the last 2 months.  1) Updated all maps from 400 AD to 900 AD.  2) Added several specialized maps (showing Hephthalites, Romans, Persians, etc.).  3) Started a new section for Historical peoples & nations.  4) Started a Timelines section.  5) Updated sources.



Map_Sources.html:࠼/span>Page was remodeled to an extent and broken into 4 total pages (Map_Sources, TAL_Sources_pg1, TAL_Sources_pg2, and TAL_Sources_pg3).͊Still need to do a LOT of work on the Sources pages, but at least they are started!



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