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About the Maps:

Maps were designed using Adobe PhotoShop, and this blank background map that was pieced together from this topographical map. The maps on this site are optimized for web viewing, each map is saved as a JPG image with 72-bit resolution.

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Map Sources:

Main sources for the maps you can find on maps pages. Other useful links you can find in the Links section.

Disclaimer: These maps are only as accurate as of the information that is available at different educational institutions and sites! Keep in mind that sources are often incomplete or in conflict with other sources.

Primary Sources

1. Regnal Chronologies by Bruce Gordon,

2. Euratlas Maps of European History,

3. World History Maps by John Nelson

4. Maps of South Asia, Columbia University
Maps of South Asia (India & Iran)

5. DK Atlas of World History, 2000 edition.

6.FSmitha Macrohistory and World Report

7. History &├»mmercial Atlas of China

8. Friesian School of Philosophical History

9. Historical Map Resources at Texas Universit.

10. Early British Kingdoms

11. Wikimedia maps of World History


12. Various Wikipedia articles.