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     Welcome to Talessman's Atlas of World History! Amateur historian with over 20 years of experience researching world history. I've had a passion for history ever since childhood, and decided to share my work and knowledge through this website.


<-- Use this navigation menu to browse the site. Some pages are not finished; please be patient, I'm working on the site as time permits!

     The Maps page has a list of my world history maps. For convenience, the maps are divided into 5 eras: Prehistoric, Primeval, Ancient, Medieval, and Modern).

* Read About the Maps for licensing and usage information!

     The Sources section is a list of references for the information depicted on the maps. Currently stored on 3 long pages, I plan to split them into 5 or more easily managed sections.

     The Updates page is where I try to list recent changes (when I have time to update the page!).

     I'm working on some new sections, but they are FAR from complete. The History section will contain articles about historical peoples & nations. The Timelines section will have detailed lists of events in chronological order. And the Alternate-History section will show some of my stories and maps about fictional worlds where history turned out differently than in ours.

     My Links page contains a list of my favorite history-related websites and resources. I've also added a Bookmarks page that contains a huge list of links saved from my FireFox Bookmarks menu.

Sample Maps

Talessman's World History Maps:
East Hem 001ad (Thumb)

Roman History Maps:
Rome 475 ad (Thumb)

Other Specialized Maps:
Persia 600 ad (Thumb)


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