World map 1200 AD

Map by: Thomas Lessman


European information is derived primarily from:

  1.   Euratlas.  Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe.  Map of “Europe in 1200 AD”.

Note:  User:Bogomolov.PL has discovered possible errors in some of my European borders  compared to this source, due to the different geographical layout of the maps.

Note:  Much of the information in this map was cross-checked with Bruce Gordon’s Regnal Chronologies.

The DK Atlas of World History, 2000 Edition, map of Eastern Hemisphere in 1200 AD was also used to add additional information to this map.

1200 AD University Of Paris Founded -Phillip II, King of France, issued a charter to establish the University of Paris. The University offered a traditional liberal education.
1202 AD Fourth Crusade- The Fourth Crusade began at the behest of Emperor Henry, King of Sicily. Pope Innocent III issued a call to European monarchs to participate in the Crusade. The call was answered primarily by the French baronage. The only way to reach Egypt — the objective of the Crusade — was by sea. The Crusaders asked the Venetians to transport them, but the Venetians demanded 85,000 marked and half the booty. When the impossibility of raising that sum became clear, the Venetians agreed to transport the Crusaders, if the Crusaders would promise to capture the Christian city of Zara. Pope Innocent, who had opposed the action, excommunicated the Crusaders.