World map 1300 AD

Map by: Thomas Lessman


European information is derived primarily from:

  1.   Euratlas.  Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe.  Map of “Europe in 1300 AD”.

1302 AD Philip IV Calls Meeting Of The Estates General- Philip IV of France called together representatives of the nobility, townspeople and clergy for the first time. The gathering became known as the Estates-General. Philip’s main purpose in convening this group was to garner support against Pope Boniface, whose bull ‘Unam Sanctum’ proclaimed Papal supremacy over national leaders.
1309 AD Avignonese Papacy- Pope Clement V, who was heavily influenced by Philip IV of France, took up residency in Avignon, France. Clement rescinded Boniface’s pronouncements against Philip. Until 1378, Popes continued to reside in Avignon.