World map 400 BC

Map by: Thomas Lessman


Primary Sources for East-Hem_400bc.jpg:

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I – African information:

   * African Tribal locations are derived from:

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          (Bantus, Berber Tribes, Chadians, Cushites, Daamat, Garamantes, Gur, Khoisan Peoples, Kwa, Libyans, Mandes,

            Nilotic Peoples, West Atlantic Peoples, etc.)

II – Asian information:

   * Greater India (Including modern Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan):

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III – European information:

   Note:  Much of my European peoples and tribal locations are derived from:

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               (Baltic Peoples, Finno-Ugrians, Illyrians, Samoyed Peoples, Scythians, Thracians)

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Note: Much of the information in this map was cross-checked with Bruce Gordon’s Regnal Chronologies.

400 BC: After Cyrus has been killed, his Greek mercenaries make their way back to Greece, where Sparta is so impressed with their feats in and march through Persia that they declare war on the Persians.
400 BC: The Carthaginians occupy Malta.
400 BC: The Egyptians successfully revolt against Persian rule.
400 BC: London has its origins as far back as this time.
400 BC: Jōmon period ends in Ancient Japan.

Source: Wikipedia