World map 480 AD

Map by: Thomas Lessman


Primary Sources for East-Hem_480ad.jpg:

  1.   The DK Atlas of World History, 2000 edition.  (See specific references below)
  2.   User:Javierfv1212.  Map of the “The_world_in_500_CE.PNG”.  Available on Wikipedia.

I – African information:

   * African Tribal locations are derived from:

  1.  The DK Atlas of World History. Map of “Development of Complex Societies in Africa”. Pg 160.

          (Bantus, Berbers, Chadians, Cushites, Garamantes, Gur, Khoisans, Mandes, Nilotics, West Atlantic Peoples, etc.)

II – Asian information:

   * Greater India (Including modern Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan):

   * Korean & Manchurian information:

  1.   Park Hyeon. Map of “History_of_Korea_300_BC.png”. Available on Wikipedia.

III – European information:

   British Isles information is from:

  1.   David Nash Ford. Early British Kingdoms. Map of “Britain in 475 AD”.

   * European borders are primarily derived from:

  1.   Euratlas.  Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe.  Map of “Europe in 500 AD”.

IV – Australia, Siberia, & Other Fringe Areas

   Note:  Fringe information is derived from comparisons of these sources:

  1.   The DK Atlas of World History, 2000 edition.  Map of “The World in 500 CE”.  Pgs 50-51.
  2.   User:Javierfv1212.  Map of the “The_world_in_500_CE.PNG”.  Available on Wikipedia.

Note: Much of the information in this map was cross-checked with Bruce Gordon’s Regnal Chronologies.

Byzantine Empire
Emperor Zeno officially dissolves the east/west co-emperorship, ruling as the first sole emperor of Rome in 85 years. The position of emperor is never again divided.

Julius Nepos, former emperor of the Western Roman Empire, dies in exile in Dalmatia. He is murdered by his own soldiers in his villa, near Salona.
December 9 – Odoacer occupies Dalmatia and prosecutes Nepos’s killers. He later establishes his political power with the co-operation of the Roman Senate.

King Chilperic I dies and is succeeded by his nephew Gundobad, whose realm covers much of eastern Gaul and has two capitals, at Lyon and Geneva. He rules the Kingdom of Burgundy with his brothers Chilperic II, Gundomar and Godegisel.
Syagrius, ruler of Domain of Soissons, manages to maintain the Roman authority in northern Gaul. He defends his “kingdom” against the neighbouring Salian Franks.
The Visigoths under King Euric extend their rule from the Loire to Gibraltar (approximate date).
Ireland: The Diocese of Connor is erected.

Source: Wikipedia