World map 150 BC

Map by: Thomas Lessman


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Roman Republic
The Roman Senate shows displeasure with Carthage’s decision to wage war against its neighbour without Roman consent, and tells Carthage that in order to avoid a war it has to “satisfy the Roman People”. The Roman censor, Cato the Elder, urges the destruction of Carthage and the Roman Senate orders the gathering of an army.

Seleucid Empire
The pretender to the Seleucid throne, Alexander Balas, who claims to be the son of the late Antiochus IV, defeats the Seleucid king, Demetrius I Soter, in battle and kills him. The Roman Senate, along with Attalus II Philadelphus of Pergamum and Ptolemy VI Philometor of Egypt, support Alexander Balas and he becomes the ruler of the Seleucid Empire. Demetrius I Soter’s son, Demetrius, goes into exile in Crete.
The new king of the Seleucid Empire, Alexander Balas, marries Cleopatra Thea, a daughter of Ptolemy VI Philometor of Egypt.

Source: Wikipedia