World map 600 BC

Map by: Thomas Lessman


Primary Sources for East-Hem_600bc.jpg:

  1.   The DK Atlas of World History, 2000 edition.  (See specific references below)

I – African information:

   * African Tribal locations are derived from:

  1.  The DK Atlas of World History. Map of “The Development of Complex Societies in Africa”. (Pg 160).

          (Bantus, Berbers, Chadians, Cushites, Daamat, Garamantes, Gur, Khoisans, Kwa, Libyans, Mandes,

            Nilotic Peoples, West Atlantic Peoples, etc.)

600 BC— Foundation of Marseille by Focei winners in a naval clash on Carthaginians; It was the beginning of Greek-punic Wars.
600 BC—Radiocarbon dating for first circular inhabitation enclosure at Emain Macha.
600 BC—Creation of Armenia.
600 BC—Foundation of Capua.
600 BC—Foundation of Milan by Celts (approximate date).
600 BC—Smyrna sacked and destroyed.
600 BC—Nebuchadnezzar builds the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Source: Wikipedia