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  * Please note: this page is under construction and will be finished as time permits!


Alternate history is fascinating because there are so many ways life could be different today if things happened differently in the past.  For example, what if the Western Roman Empire had survived the Germanic invasions?  Or what if Alexander the Great had lived into his 80s, instead of dying at age 35?  How would history have turned out if the Persians had survived the Arab invasions and prevented Islam from spreading west of Iraq?


I've experimented with some alternate history stories, unfortunately none of them are complete yet. Part of the reason I started drawing my real-history maps in the first place is because I got frustrated looking for maps to use for my alternate histories.


The alternate history I'm currently working on is "AH-475ad", where the Western Roman Empire survives the Germanic invasions and restores much of the former Empire during the reign of Emperor Justinian I. You can check out other AH stories I've made when they are ready for viewing.









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